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Activities Holidays in Perthshire

Increasing in popularity, many people are looking for active breaks alongside the more relaxing holiday. Many people choose activities holidays to either learn a new activity or to improve their current ability. If this sounds an enticing proposition, take a look at the activities holidays available in Perthshire, Scotland.
Written by Knock Castle at 09:00

New Year Breaks Perthshire

No one celebrates New Year quite like us Scots and so if you are thinking of a New Year break this year, look no further than the delights of Perthshire, and the luxury of Knock Castle.
Written by Knock Castle at 15:00

Christmas Breaks Perthshire

Christmas means different things to different people. Some people enjoy the delights of family and friends visiting but increasingly, people are also taking the opportunity to take a few days away, enjoying a few days away from work. And why not? Christmas is your time, so spend it as you want!
Written by Knock Castle at 09:00

Winter Holiday Perthshire

Winter in the UK is not the usual time of year we see people taking holidays. But the trend for booking and taking a ‘staycation’ – in other words, a break or holiday in the UK – is increasing. In fact, since 2012, the trend for taking a domestic break has increased by 41%!
Written by Knock Castle at 11:00

Autumn Break in Perthshire

Before the gloom, grey and icy cold of winter sets in, why not extend the good weather and look to take short autumn breaks in Perthshire, Scotland. With the respected Lonely Planet Guide listing Scotland as the must-see country for 2014, now is the time to explore our wonderful country and, what better place to do it from than Knock Castle, Perthshire?
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