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The blog aims to provide an informal look at the hotel and it's services. It will also focus on Perthshire and its attractions.

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Fishing Breaks in Scotland

Fishing is a hobby and sport growing in popularity and it is easy to see why. It is a hobby that allows you to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. As you enjoy the great outdoors, fishing in some incredible beauty sports, you wait with anticipation as you wait for the fish to bite. And when they do, the game is on!
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Dining Out in Scotland

There are many reasons why we choose to eat out; it may be a special occasion, an anniversary, a milestone birthday or a celebration of another kind. Whatever the reasons, dining out in Scotland offers so many opportunities that it can be difficult to make the decision of where to go.
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Corporate Activities Scotland

We have all greeted the new with a mix of dread and trepidation; the thought of spending time ‘team building’, expanding relationships with colleagues all in the name of increased productivity, continuing professional development whilst running around a forest with a paint gun in your hand.
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Castle Weddings in Scotland

As we enter into the warmth of spring, many couples across the country will decide that now is the time to tie the knot meaning that planning the big event will be something that takes up almost every second of every day!
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Summer Holidays Perthshire

When people think of summer holidays, what is it that you really remember? Was it the 4 hours delay at the airport or the lost luggage? Was it really that bad at the hotel? When we choose package holidays or hotels abroad, we are making a blind choice.
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