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Autumn Break in Perthshire

Before the gloom, grey and icy cold of winter sets in, why not extend the good weather and look to take short autumn breaks in Perthshire, Scotland. With the respected Lonely Planet Guide listing Scotland as the must-see country for 2014, now is the time to explore our wonderful country and, what better place to do it from than Knock Castle, Perthshire?
Written by Knock Castle at 09:00

Castle Weddings in Perthshire

There is nothing to bring out the romantic side of people than a wedding. Who doesn’t enjoy the pomp and ceremony, or witnessing the very public declaration of love between two people.
Written by Knock Castle at 12:00

Dining Out in Perthshire

There are not many areas in the country that can boast so many award-winning and delicious restaurants in such a relatively small space.
Written by Knock Castle at 11:00

Christmas Vouchers at Knock Castle

The perfect Christmas gift seems to be become harder and harder to buy as each year passes. There are only so many books, electronic gadgetry and socks you can buy that special someone.
Written by Knock Castle at 09:00

Ryder Cup Golf in Perthshire

The Ryder Cup is a huge financial boost for the Scottish economy; the thousands of spectators from 75 countries are expected to add £100 million to the economy during 2014.
Written by Knock Castle at 08:00
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