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Walking Holidays in Scotland – Something to Suit Everyone

There are more and more people learning to enjoy the delights of Scotland on foot; map in hand, ruck sack on back and water in hand, people are taking to the hills to experience the beauty and freedom of the rolling Scottish countryside.
Written by Knock Castle at 15:00

Helicopters for Hire Scotland

The decadence; the entrance; the luxury. Three benefits that you can instantly enjoy when hiring a helicopter. Think of it as another way of being chauffeured to a venue, arriving relaxed and in time – without the rushing, the stress and the possibility of hitting traffic!
Written by Knock Castle at 13:37

Wedding Hotels Scotland

You have set the date. You can feel the nerves and tension starting to increase; you are being asked questions about flowers, themes, colour schemes and so much more… but first, you need to choose the right venue for your wedding.
Written by Knock Castle at 16:09

Dining Scotland

When people dine out, they want many things – and not just good food, although this is clearly a top priority. Many restaurants assume that this excellent food should be served at a knock down price; even though price snobbery exists (the thought that paying a lot for something brings instant, high quality), this does not mean that customers are willing to pay through the nose for something that does not meet they exacting desires…
Written by Knock Castle at 11:12

Corporate Activities Scotland

We all lead busy lives. Work is no exception – tasks and activities seem never ending, the goals set seem insurmountable when we start to climb the hill toward success. People need to pull together as a team – and when they do, the results can be phenomenal.
Written by Knock Castle at 15:00


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