Castle Weddings in Perthshire

There is nothing to bring out the romantic side of people than a wedding. Who doesn’t enjoy the pomp and ceremony, or witnessing the very public declaration of love between two people.

Getting married is steeped in tradition and etiquette, but more and more, couples are transcending these traditions, creating their own.

For example, at one time, it was traditional to have a separate wedding and reception venue. But many couples are opting to have their nuptials and their reception in one venue – saving on costs and the need for guests to get themselves from one place to another.

But, the venue has to be right. It has to be romantic. It has to have character. It has to be a place to remember, which is why castle weddings in Perthshire are becoming more popular and sought after.

For many couples, therein lies the problem. Any couple looking for a combined ceremony and reception venue do not want to use a venue that everyone else seems to be.

Every couple wants a day to remember in a venue that will be special and unique.

But just because something is popular, or a venue is favoured does not mean that it cannot be tailored to suit your exacting requirements.

The beauty of a castle wedding, especially at Knock Castle is the way which your wedding package can be tailor made to why you want. No quibble. Just a guarantee that your wedding day will be the special day you want it to be.

Let’s consider for a moment the most important factor in any wedding; as difficult as it is, there is no way we can avoid discussing cost. As much as would all like the magic money tree growing in the garden, there is no doubt there is not a bottomless pit of cash to fund your special day.

Budget does, to a certain extent, limit your day BUT you will be amazed at what you can get for your budget at beautiful Knock Castle.

There are choices to be made but before you think you cannot afford a castle wedding in Perthshire take a look at the package available from Knock Castle...

  • An imposing place, yet rich in history, Knock Castle provides the perfect backdrop to your big day
  • Convenientlylocated within an hour of Glasgow and Edinburgh
  • Panoramic, romantic views of the surrounding Perthshire hills
  • Exclusiveuse of the hotel for the day (or longer with our Platinum Wedding Package)
  • Customised wedding packages making your wedding unique and special
  • Perfectservice every moment of the day – from the moment you arrive to the moment you and your guests leave
  • Award winning food

Well within budget, prices for exclusive use of Knock Castle for your wedding start at £9,500 for 64 guests, with dinner, bed and breakfast.

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