Christmas Vouchers at Knock Castle

Christmas Vouchers: the perfect gift... or not?

The perfect Christmas gift seems to be become harder and harder to buy as each year passes. There are only so many books, electronic gadgetry and socks you can buy that special someone.

In fact, under normal circumstances, if anyone should suggest buying your loved one a ‘voucher’ (or anyone else for that matter), it would be met by eye-rolling and an unsaid assertion that it was a little bit of a safe option – dare we say, a cop out, a ‘I couldn’t think of anything else to get you dear’ kind of present.

But, there is a revolution happening in Christmas vouchers.

Being welcomed by men and women across the UK, the voucher as a bona fide Christmas or birthday gift has become a welcome sight on opening.

What kind of voucher is once again exciting its intended recipient?

Christmas vouchers for Knock Castle.

But why, we hear you cry?

Just look at what this turreted hotel can offer the recipient of a Christmas voucher:

  • Luxurious accommodation nestled in the Strathearn Hills but within easy distance of Glasgow and Edinburgh – with packages available, who couldn’t resist spending their Christmas voucher on an overnight stay at Knock Castle?
  • Award winning food, with restaurant and bar perfect for an intimate dinner
  • Spa days – why not spend your Christmas vouchers on a spa package, enjoying treatments as well as a swim in our indoor, heated pool or a quick session in the gym
  • Beauty Treatments many Christmas voucher recipients choose the opulent beauty treatment packages we have available, taking the time to relax and unwind

Who wouldn’t welcome a Knock Castle voucher for Christmas?

Many other activities are on offer too, in fact no matter how the recipient of the Christmas Voucher chooses to spend it they will have a relaxing time with us.

But aren’t Christmas Vouchers impersonal?

Not with Knock Castle. You can purchase Christmas Vouchers for...

  • Specific activities or packages
  • The Christmas Vouchers can be personalised to carry a specific and personal message from you to your recipient
  • Or you the monetary value can simply be stated,  allowing the person to choose  how they spend their Christmas Vouchers with us here at Knock Castle

Don’t be stuck for gift ideas at Christmas again. Purchase a voucher for Knock Castle and let your loved one choose when they want to have that romantic nigh away, beauty treatment or a meal in our fabulous restaurant.

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