Autumn Break in Perthshire

Enjoy an autumn break with us!

Before the gloom, grey and icy cold of winter sets in, why not extend the good weather and look to take short autumn breaks in Perthshire, Scotland.

Autumn in Perthshire

With the respected Lonely Planet Guide listing Scotland as the must-see country for 2014, now is the time to explore our wonderful country and, what better place to do it from than Knock Castle, Perthshire?

Enjoy the autumn colours...

Deep red, glowing yellow and gorgeous oranges dazzle they eye as the leaves on the trees change from the summer shades of green, to the autumnal spectacle. And Perthshire is one of the best places to see this. Here in our county, and surrounding Knock Castle too, we have some of the most remarkable trees, forests and woodlands to be found anywhere in Europe. Gardens and estates of local gentry country houses from years past, are also within easy reach. Walking here or driving through our countryside is simple a delight in itself.

We believe there is nowhere else in the world where you will see so many colours, so much wildlife and so much beautiful scenery as we have here in Perthshire.

Enjoy the outdoors!

Enjoy the waning warmth of the sun and the gentle autumn wind while you can, before it changes to the icy blast we sometimes get here in the UK. If you enjoy the outdoors, then Perthshire is a prime location for you short break. Walking is delightful, especially along the well signposted routes. But if you fancy more robust, energetic activities, there are options for you too!

And then, relax...

And when you have taken your walk through the autumn landscape, you may need to warm yourself by a roaring open fire? Or how about a delightful coffee, followed by delicious food, freshly prepared and delicately flavoured? Or how about a famous whisky or two, to warm you through from inside?

Knock Castle is the perfect venue for short breaks in Perthshire. Isolated but not too remote, sitting within its own extensive grounds, you can see the delights of the autumn season from your bedroom window, you can admire the extensive gardens, the array of trees from the guest lounge and you can marvel at the landscape, for as far as the eye can see from our roof top restaurant.

Enjoy the autumn season

Winter comes soon enough and not everyone enjoys the chill, and so making the best of autumn is essential.

Is autumn your favourite season? Why not opt for autumn breaks in the delightful surroundings of Perthshire and Knock Castle?

Situated in Crieff, within easy distance of Perth, Knock Castle has everything from fine dining to the warmest welcome. Why not pay us a visit?

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