New Year Breaks Perthshire

Spend Hogmanay with us, here at Knock Castle!

No one celebrates New Year quite like us Scots and so if you are thinking of a New Year break this year, look no further than the delights of Perthshire, and the luxury of Knock Castle.

New Year Breaks Perthshire

Known as Hogmanay in Scotland, which describes the last day of the year, it is a word the Scots use but actually no one is sure from whose language the word comes from, possibly Gaelic or it could be from Norman-French. No one knows but either way, it is a word used to describe the festival that was traditionally celebrated in Scotland, as opposed to Christmas.

It is a time where family and friends come together, party and exchange gifts and, at the stroke of midnight sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’, bringing many a tear to many an eye as we remember the year past and look forward to the year coming. This song is recognised as one of the most sung across the globe, with most people recognising the iconic tune and the majority of the words!

But perhaps the thing that sets New Year breaks in Perthshire and Scotland as a whole, from time spent anywhere else at this time of year is the foundation of Hogmanay – that of welcoming friends, family and strangers alike. The warmth of hospitality runs deep, the welcome like no other as we let the remnants of the old year go, making a clean break and welcoming the new year ahead. Sadness leaves, replaced by happiness.

New Year Breaks in Perthshire, Scotland promise so much and deliver on them all, with Knock Castle being no exception.

We welcome visitors over the New Year to our beautiful venue, sat within gorgeous grounds, their beauty untainted by the ravages of winter, made all the more beautiful by the welcome here.

Luxurious, sumptuousdecor lets you relax, the tensions of the year past simply melt away, leaving you to make plans and – dare we say it? – resolutions for the New Year ahead. Who knows what exciting things will happen in the upcoming 12 months?

Far from the crowds, you can relax here but still be part of the spirit of Hogmanay or, if you prefer, you can mingle and mix with the crowds on the local towns and villages, your welcome guaranteed and also knowing that a warm castle awaits your return.

Everyone is in good spirits and it is certainly an uplifting way to spend a few days. We guarantee and Knock Castle you will be well looked after – great company, delicious food and drink.

Why do something different this New Year? Why not come to Knock Castle and savour the flavour of Hogmanay with us?

Short breaks in Perthshire, Scotland are also far more competitively proceed than you think too! And, with offers and deals on throughout the year, Knock Castle is the place for you!

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