Helicopters for Hire Perthshire

Looking for Helicopters for Hire in Perthshire? We may have the answer...

Occasionally, events in life require something more; a touch of luxury maybe, a touch of the wow factor when nothing else will do.

One day which many people feel deserves the very best, and nothing less, is the day they wed their life-long partner. They want to mark the occasion with family and friends, but also with a touch of additional excitement and glamour but, many people wonder how to do this.

Have you thought of hiring a helicopter for your Perthshire wedding?

The advantages are many...

  • A stylish, luxurious alternative to hiring a limousine
  • Adds more than just a touch of glamour and excitement to your wedding or any other event
  • Flights can be timed to perfection (subject to weather conditions)
  • You can add some sightseeing into your flight, rather than just going from A to B
  • And finally, you will be surprised at how competitive hiring helicopters in Perthshire can be

Just like when you hire a fleet of cars, you will need to have a plan for your helicopter as the operator will need to factor in use of airfields and other landing spots, as well as the time it takes to fly to and from your venue.

Many people when looking to hire helicopters for use in and around Perthshire can also add their own unique touches to their flight including champagne, gifts as well adding a tour of landmarks and other points of interest, not just in our beautiful Perthshire landscapes but also your own personal landmarks, important to you.

Working through these details with your chosen Perthshire helicopter hire company can make your flight something beyond special.

A cautionary note: weather

Helicopters have their limits, unfortunately, and high wind is one of them. No helicopter hire company in Perthshire or beyond will risk your safety by flying in weather than could cause the helicopter problems. As a result, you will need to have a back-up plan...

Knock Castle enjoys a close working relationship with a helicopter hire company, bringing together the taste for luxury and relaxation into one! Whether it is your wedding day or another special occasion, Knock castle provides the perfect take off and landing spot for helicopters, the perfect accommodation, the best in fine dining and the most relaxing spa treatments you can ask for.

You will be amazed at the competitive prices too for both Knock Castle and the helicopters for hire in Perthshire. Find out more and book your helicopter flight today, along with your accommodation and dining at Knock Castle.


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