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Are you a Perthshire business, looking for affordable, comfortable and accessible meeting rooms?

Look no further as Knock Castle can provide all these qualities in its meeting rooms, as well as other corporate packages, for all businesses, no matter what your budget.

Businesses need meeting space for a variety of reasons, from all important board meetings through to training venues. How this room looks, feels in terms of its décor and the impression if gives people is important in setting the right tone for your event or meeting. Depending on the nature of your event, you will have differing criteria. With this in mind, how do you choose the right meeting rooms for your Perthshire event?


First and foremost, you need to ensure that everywhere can find and commute to your venue. However, whilst opting for a city centre venue, some people find there are parking difficulties as well as the busy environment is not conducive to the atmosphere they want to create.

Knock Castle has the modern amenities and service expected of larger chain hotels, but with the distinct advantage of being away from the hustle and bustle of city centre life. With plenty of parking and wonderful, picturesque surroundings, your board members or trainees will relax but be able to focus on the event.

Numbers of delegates

Of course, a major impact on budget is the number of people you are looking to host as part of your meeting or event. Food and refreshments throughout the day are usually charged at a price per head, but some businesses also just want to hire a room, as opposed to all the usual additional extras.

Meeting rooms for Perthshire business clients also need to ‘fit’ the event. A large, cavernous meeting room that will only see 10 or so people present can just be as an uncomfortable space to fill as is cramming in 100 people to meeting rooms that only really accommodate a lot less people!

Technical support and equipment

Many Perthshire businesses need meeting rooms that offer them a variety of standard technical equipment – a projector, for example, access to a laptop and much more. But, when thing go wrong, rather than have your meeting held up, is there someone at the venue on hand to quickly resolve these issues.

Access to wi-fi is now more or less a standard feature, as is the opportunity to video conference and the like.


However, the best events need the background operation to run smoothly too. Having refreshments served on time, the food being excellent and the service from staff needs to be excellent too!

Knock Castle has a range of meeting rooms available to suit a variety of budgets. With a dedicated member of staff as your point of contact and a welcoming, professional staff team, why not pay us a visit?

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