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Getting hitched? Do it in style at Knock Castle

Getting married in style can be hard to do; every last detail needs planning but there is no more important a decision than the one about WHERE you get married. And so, at such a busy time, how do you choose from the many wedding hotels across Perthshire?

Deciding to have the wedding ceremony and celebration, as well as the build up to the big day, in one venue is becoming an increasingly popular option; when you consider the logistics of organising and getting people from one place to another - and one time – it is easy to see why! But before you book, when visiting wedding hotels, consider the following…

  • Is it big enough or small enough?

Seems odd asking both questions but, if you are opting for a small intimate wedding, marrying in a large hotel may mean your day gets a little ‘lost’ in the building but, finding your 150 guests squeezed in to  a too-small-a-space is the other end of discomfort. Be realistic about the numbers sharing in the day such as the ceremony and wedding breakfast, as well as any additional guests invited to the evening celebrations.

  • Entertainment facilities

Many couples still opt for disco or live music at their wedding. If this is something on your list, can your shortlist of wedding hotels in Perthshire arrange this, or is this something you need to arrange?

  • Location

If you are looking for a romantic, nostalgic day then a city centre location may not suit the romance you have in mind. With parking being an issue in some cases, getting to and from your wedding, and staying for any length of time, might turn into a nightmare for guests.

How about an imposing building, full of history and looking a castle? Away from the maddening crowd but still within easy reach of many locations, Knock Castle is a popular choice for wedding couples.

  • Value for money

There is no denying money is tight and rarely, do people have a bottomless pit of cash even if it is their wedding day. Getting value for money, without scrimping on quality is important. It is important for us too, here at Knock Castle.

This is why we offer a range of incredible wedding packages and deals, for anyone looking for wedding hotels in Perthshire. With attentive, yet discreet staff your day will flow without a hitch, leaving you free to enjoy your day… and not needing to worry about the food being served on time, or who is having what from the menu. You will be pleased to know, we do that for you.

And finally, take a look at the surroundings. Not only in the interior of the hotel delightful and luxurious, our landscaped gardens, extensive and bordering some of the finest countryside in the country makes a perfect backdrop for those all-important memories, etched onto photographs to share for many years to come.

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