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Just how do you find the perfect conference venue in Scotland?

Are you planning on hosting a conference? There are so many things to organise that it can seem an insurmountable task but it goes without saying, that one of the first things that need to be organised is the conference venue but with so many hotels and venues on offer in Scotland, how do you make the all-important decision – WHERE shall we hold our conference?

The location

Research suggests that a key aspect in attracting attendees to a conference is the location but, it needs to fit with you, your company and the ‘subject’ of the day; by this, we mean that if you are looking for distraction-free venue and surroundings, maybe the rush of a city centre hotel is not the most appropriate setting.

Knock Castle is far enough off the beaten track to offer this, but close enough to major road links to provide the perfect location as a conference venue in Scotland. With premium conference rooms, and smaller ‘break out’ spaces, set in its own beautiful gardens, it has everything… and more.

The budget

It is inevitable that your pocket is not bottomless hence you need a conference venue in Scotland that can offer you everything you need and want, within your budget. The key to hosting an excellent conference is experience and quality – with hotels like us here at Knock Castle being able to offer this as part of a competitively priced package.

The Facilities

Before your book any venue, you simply must take a look round; don’t get sucked in by the glossy brochures and leaflets as they are designed to do just that! Make a list of factors that are essential and a list of factors that are desirable and, armed with this list, take a tour of potential venues. You may want to consider:

  • Does it have the right size of room, along with break out rooms needed?
  • What about projectors, screens and other equipment?
  • Does it have wi-fi access?
  • What about car parking? Is there plenty
  • Where will you have lunch and served refreshments?
  • How do the staff behave? Is there a warm welcome, for example?

The Food

They say an ‘army marches on its stomach’ and the same adage can be applied to conferences and delegates. Having good food, tea and coffee served on time and to a high standard can be the key in ensuring the social and networking aspects of your event are positive.

With so many conference venues across Scotland, it can be hard to know where to start! Why not pay Knock Castel a visit?

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