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Looking for a wedding venue in Perthshire? Take a look at Knock Castle!

Your wedding is the most magical day of your life; surrounded by family and friends wishing you well as you start married life, but what can really make your day is the venue. Choose well and your day will flow effortlessly by but get it wrong, and it might not be what you expected…

How do you make this important decision? Is it just based on your budget? What else do you need to consider?

Our top tips to choosing the right wedding venue in Perthshire is here:

Communication is key, not just between you and your partner but between you and the wedding venue. Every wedding is different, completely unique; couples may act the same but their likes and dislikes are different! Even though many hotels, like Knock Castle, offer ‘packages’ there is room for it to be customised BUT as part of this you need to decided what it a must-have and what you can compromise on.

Civil ceremony or church service is the choice couples have to make and if opting for a civil wedding, then the opportunity is present to marry and party in the same venue. Most couples want somewhere special and there are many a unique, delightful wedding venue in Perthshire to satisfy all couples.

Budget inevitably rears its head as rarely is there a blank cheque for any wedding! Many a wedding venue in Perthshire will offer completely bespoke wedding packages which are at the upper end of the budget scale (if not off it for many couples!) but, the wedding packages that many hotels and venues offer are great deals – you will surprised at how far your budget will stretch!

Keep your guests in mind; if you are opting for a wedding venue in Perthshire which is the back of beyond, you may need to consider hiring transport or the prospect of some guests staying over. There are options where hotels are in a country setting but within a reasonable driving or commuting time of surrounding towns and villages.

And obviously the number of guests you invite will have an impact on the wedding venue choice; small intimate weddings can be lost in large cavernous hotels but neither do you want to uncomfortably cram hundreds of guests into a small venue.

Consider a wedding venue in Perthshire, like Knock Castle, that can arrange for your wedding party to have exclusive use of both the venue and grounds…

Keep the date cards are one thing but get your venue booked before you start inviting guests or you could have a small logistical problem! Consider that wedding season of the summer months that many of your favourite hotels may have been booked months (years in some cases!) in advance.

Take time to visit your venue too; so why not visit us? Eat in our restaurant, wander the gardens and talk to us!

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