Castle Weddings in Perthshire – The Stuff of Dreams!

Your wedding is the most special day you can possibly imagine. You want it to last for ever and be in a place that offers the romance most couples crave. At the same time, however, you need it to flow effortlessly and be accessible to an ever growing guest list of relatives and friends.

Castle weddings in Perthshire offer this and more too. Here at Knock Castle, we have played host to many weddings, all different and all unique but none have failed to wow guests, and the happy couple themselves!

Take a walk through the many benefits castle weddings in Perthshire can offer…

The complete package

No worrying about transport turning up of time, or your favourite uncle and aunt getting lost or your bridesmaids delayed in traffic. Castle weddings in Perthshire are what is known as a ‘destination wedding’ – in others words, everything is in one place. It can be located far away from your home or you could live down the road, but the idea is that all aspects of your special day is under one roof.  Some couples find this simpler and stress-free, two things that every wedding needs!

Many destination weddings such as castle weddings in Perthshire, also benefit from an in-house wedding organiser; perfect for making sure that all aspects of your day is planned and on course for a successful day, from the champagne and canapés being served on time, to the evening entertainment being in full swing (without a hitch).

(Almost) stress-free!

There is a saying that getting married is one of the most stressful things that you can do; it is an exercise in diplomacy making sure that everyone feels included and special, not just you as a couple. Castle weddings in Perthshire, such as those hosted at Knock Castle, can go a long way to easing this stress, especially in the build-up and preparation for the Big Day. We can take you through everything you need, accommodating requests and then you can relax, enjoying your day, knowing your wedding organiser has it all in-hand…

Cost-effective too!

We would all love to have a bottomless pit of money, especially when it comes to spending on our once-in-a-lifetime Big Day! However, this is rarely the case and many couples are surprised to find the value for money castle weddings in Perthshire can offer. As everything s combined in one package, couples find they get better deals on various aspects rather than having to negotiate on each thing separately; this adds to stress and eats away at the time leading up to the Big Day.

Here at Knock Castle, we have many packages for couples looking to celebrate their day in a romantic, plush castle, set in delightful manicured grounds. Take a look at Knock Castle and tell us how you would like your Big Day to be!

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