Castle Weddings in Scotland

Castle weddings in Scotland – a day to relax and enjoy!

As we enter into the warmth of spring, many couples across the country will decide that now is the time to tie the knot meaning that planning the big event will be something that takes up almost every second of every day!

But, there is always one big question – WHERE to hold the ceremony? WHERE to have the reception? Will it be big enough? Will everyone find their way? What about transport? HOW can we make our day special and different?

One option is castle weddings in Scotland and Knock Castle, Perthshire is becoming a sought after wedding venue.


Opting for castle weddings in Scotland means opting to have everything in one place and this makes it incredibly convenient; no logistical nightmares making sure everyone is one place before the bride arrives, or ensuring that everyone has a place in a wedding car to get to the reception. With everything under one roof and turrets so to speak, convenience is the factor that alleviates stress.

BUT, does this make it more expensive?

Some articles and websites will have you believe that for this every reason – convenience - castle weddings in Scotland are the expensive option. How wrong they are! Knock Castle has a range of wedding packages, all of which offer superb value-for-money for having your special day surrounded by luxury and romance that you really only get from a castle setting…

EVERYONE enjoys it because…

… castle weddings in Scotland offer a special, yet relaxing day. There is ample room, for example, at Knock Castle for guests to mingle, socialise, chat and relax. The very best food is served with a well-stocked bar, and ample opportunity for guests to find a quiet corner or space to leave the hub-bub for a moment or two.

Formality does always mean pomp and ceremony; you can have a day that mixes the tones of formal and informal. You can ring the changes with modern evening entertainment or may add a sprinkling of the unexpected during the day; some couples simply let their day flow on by, letting the fact that people can relax and mingle be the atmosphere that they want for their special day.

Of course, castle weddings in Scotland add a certain mystique to a special day such as this; the imposing, yet friendly overtures of Knock Castle make for a superb day. Close enough to a bustling and interesting town for guests to visit over the few days (if that is what you opt for), or explore our extensive gardens, either way, it feels remote without being lonely; it offers space without being cavernous.

Would you like to know more about castle weddings in Scotland? Why not contact Knock Castle, a premium wedding venue and see how we can help you?

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