Easter Breaks in Perthshire

Easter Breaks in Perthshire – the perfect solution to unwind OR try something new

Easter is a time to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. For many people and families, it is also the opportunity to take the first of a few breaks during the year. So, blow the cobwebs of winter away and take a look at what Easter breaks in Perthshire can offer you and your family!

The location

A majestic county, Perthshire has many jewels, perfect for exploring. With so many different places to stay too, it can seem an almost impossible task knowing where to spend your time here or where to stay.

Knock Castle, a perfect location for Easter breaks in Perthshire, is situated in the town of Crieff. Steeped in a long history, its close proximity to Perth makes it a favourite place for many to stop and explore a while.

There is a lot to do here too; from soaking up culture past and present, to try your hand at different things, we think that Crieff is a perfect place for Easter breaks in Perthshire.

What would you like to do?

High octane and thrill-seeking? – No problem! We have that here. Try something new or simply indulge in your passion, there is something for everybody here. The great thing, we thin, about our location is the way we welcome visitors. There are many activities hosted in the town over the Easter break from the traditional time-of-year activities to something slightly different.

Of course, it is your choice whether you join in or not.

Relax and ‘chill’ – not everyone, of course, wants to take on a new challenge. It may be that after a busy, hard winter, you want to take some time to rest mind, body and soul. You may feel the need for Easter breaks in Perthshire as an opportunity to re-charge the batteries, but take in a new place and feel the break in routine and the rat-race of every day.

Seclusion – other people looking for Easter breaks in Perthshire are looking for seclusion. They want a complete ‘rest’ from the physical and the emotional. They want to feel attended to, without feeling intruded on; they want luxury and sumptuousness, coupled with the opportunity to use a spa and opt for a range of treatments. Knock Castle has all this… and a little more too.

More and more people are opting to holiday in the UK, with Scotland having so much to offer the lone traveller, couples and families with Easter breaks in Perthshire being no exception. Knock Castle is an imposing, yet welcoming hotel situated on the outskirts of Crieff. With its own story to tell, people who come here, come back again and again…


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