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Corporate activities in Scotland – how do you decide which ones to opt for?

We have all greeted the new with a mix of dread and trepidation; the thought of spending time ‘team building’, expanding relationships with colleagues all in the name of increased productivity, continuing professional development whilst running around a forest with a paint gun in your hand.

And this is the on-going problem of organising corporate activities within Scotland, ensuring everyone is involved and comfort zones pushed. Team building activities should be fun, enjoyable and productive within themselves, so how do you choose what to do and when if you have the enviable task of organising the next session?

There are three main ‘categories’ that may help you decide which corporate activities on offer in Scotland;

Small group ‘shared experience’ team activities: the idea of these activities is for a small team to have fun together, promoting relationships and friendships in a relaxed settings, with everyone, if possible, trying something new. The only limitation as the right activity for your group is your imagination and your budget – how about spending the day being taught golf, followed by social food and chat at Knock Castle?

Classroom team building: everyone always assumes that the best corporate activities in Scotland have to high-energy, thrill seeking activities in which everyone ‘feels the fear and does it anyway’ but there can be a whole heap of classroom-based activities, tailored specifically to what it is your team needs to achieve.

You can keep the facilitator in-house (in other words, get one of your own to lead the day), or there are a variety of companies or individuals who offer great rates for these kind of daylong sessions.

Venue, location and food is just as important as we all know that ‘an army marches on its stomach’; some of the best team building and sharing of ideas comes about in the social times of the day and Knock Castle has the right sized room, the best locations and brilliant menus on offer.

Big group shared experiences: these are the ‘mass’ events that some of the larger companies organise, engaging the services of a guest facilitator or motivational speakers. Large corporations such as high street clothing retailers credit these events with turning round the fortunes of their companies; your event may not be on this scale but whole company gatherings is a great way for departments to meet and mingle.

You may not be looking for corporate activities in Scotland on the scale of an O2 venue, but at Knock Castle we can accommodate small to medium sized firms. Again, with break out rooms and brilliant, tasty menus, as well as the latest technology available for use, motivational Big Event days are a great way of gelling your teams together.

Still stuck for ideas? Knock Castle offers a range of activities, perfect for businesses, as well as offering high quality accommodation and menus. Call us!

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