Dining Out in Scotland

Are you looking for a high quality dining out in Scotland experience?

There are many reasons why we choose to eat out; it may be a special occasion, an anniversary, a milestone birthday or a celebration of another kind. Whatever the reasons, dining out in Scotland offers so many opportunities that it can be difficult to make the decision of where to go.

Eating out is not just about the food, although the choice and quality of the food is clearly a priority. Dining out in Scotland is about the experience, the atmosphere as well as the scintillating company and conversation with your dining partner. But, setting this into perfection is the attentive service of the serving staff, striking a balance between attending you and your guests, without being over-bearing. This is why creating the perfect dining experience is a difficult balancing act.

But high quality restaurants will not have an issue and this is why;

  • Trained, passionate staff – for seeking a quality dining experience, it is the serving staff that will ‘make or break’ the nigh. From the moment they attend your table, waiting on staff should e babe to assess the mood; working out if the couple are seeking a more intimate dinner or whether the group is chatty etc. will make for a more pleasant dining and serving experience. The waiting on staff need to know when and how to interrupt diners.
  • Attention to the smallest of details – it seems odd but in all honesty, until you have had great service you will not know how attentive your waiting on staff have been to the smaller details until you have left. For example, how discreetly cutlery was replaced between courses, when wine glasses were filled and how quickly, yet without fuss dirty plates and glasses were removed.
  • Atmosphere – a major element of any dining out in Scotland is the ability to converse with your dining companion. The atmosphere and ambience of a restaurant should encourage this socialising, without overpowering or forcing the pace of the evening.

Once these three factors are in place to a high standard, the food becomes the focus of the dining out in Scotland experience.

Those restaurants with trained waiting on staff and trained, passionate kitchen team, led by award winning chefs will create a menu that is diverse, yet delicious. Sourcing localproduce to support local businesses and the economy, a fine dining menu will have an impact on you that you will remember for a long time after you have dined.

Are you looking for a dining out in Scotland experience? Here at Knock Castle, our extensive menus are matched by a choice of restaurants – the informal bar, the panoramic roof top venue or the fine fining experience of our restaurant – and an atmosphere that is welcoming. Perfect for any occasion!

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