Fishing Breaks in Scotland

Fishing breaks in Scotland – stay at Knock Castle and get the best fishing experience!

Fishing is a hobby and sport growing in popularity and it is easy to see why. It is a hobby that allows you to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. As you enjoy the great outdoors, fishing in some incredible beauty sports, you wait with anticipation as you wait for the fish to bite. And when they do, the game is on!

There is a huge industry that has grown up around fishing with gaming lakes all across the country, with fish farms too all offering the budding fisherman or woman the opportunity to hone their skill. Likewise, there are many opportunities for fishing breaks in Scotland.

The fishing

No mater what type of fishing you enjoy, there is a fishing breaks in Scotland tailored made for you! From the skills of coarse fishing to the delights of fly fishing, there are rivers and venues teeming with fish, perfect challenges for the newbie fisherman or the more experienced.

The Venue

But, for some, the idea of camping by the river are days they see as long gone, hence many fishing men and women are looking for comfort at the end of a long day on the bank. Knock Castle is perfectly situated; within a few miles of bubbling rivers and well-stocked fishing lakes, it provides the perfect setting for accommodating groups or individuals looking for high quality fishing breaks in Scotland.

The Company

But what can truly make a fishing break in Scotland – bar catching lots of fish – is the company. From the company on the river bank, to the fishing with well-known and renowned fishermen, catching some hints and tips on how to improve your own technique, is the welcome you return to at the end of the day.

Knock Castle boasts a range of facilities, from a gym and spa to amazing restaurants, and luxurious, sumptuous rooms, fit for any fisherman or woman to enjoy hours away from the bank to.

The Instruction

However, some people are looking for more to their fishing breaks in Scotland than lazy days on the bank. Some fishermen and woman are looking for instructions, tutoring from those with more experience and fishing skills, the level that so many keen amateur fishing people my aspire too.

And this is where Knock Castle comes in once again. We have a host of packages that encourages people to take time to learn from the best. Take a look at our website for more nformation on the packages we offer.

Catching Fish

But a fishing breaks in Scotland is all about the fish… and we have many in our rivers and lakes, waiting to be caught.

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