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Dining in Scotland – giving the customer what they want at Knock Castle

 When people dine out, they want many things – and not just good food, although this is clearly a top priority. Many restaurants assume that this excellent food should be served at a knock down price; even though price snobbery exists (the thought that paying a lot for something brings instant, high quality), this does not mean that customers are willing to pay through the nose for something that does not meet they exacting desires…

Dining in Scotland is a great experience and it is because there is a genuine greeting that meets the diner as they enter the dining premises. Note the use of the word ‘genuine’ – a ‘’welcome to Knock Castle” for example, along with asking how their day has been… in other words, a genuine greeting, rather than a ‘corporate message’. It is all about providing a great dining experience…

A smiling, welcoming ‘face’ is also something that those seeking a great dining experience in Scotland are looking for. The feeling that rather than being just a paying commodity, that diners really are welcome guests in a restaurant. A smile can be so much more welcoming that a front of house host that looks harassed.

Plenty of staff available is also something that can turn a mediocre dining experience into something fantastic. But this does mean that staff will be loitering by your table! Restaurants offer a dining out experience that is social and intimate, two things that can be interrupted by some hovering by the table, waiting to pounce on the first emptied plate!

Efficiency is fabulous – but NOT at the expense of choice! Dining in Scotland can offer the diner so many menu choices but don’t be afraid to ask if there is something that needs changing or modifying. Flexibility is essential of any restaurant, kitchen and chefs…

Creating a relationship between the waiting on staff and customer is also a want of the modern-day diner. But why? Surely for many this is a one-off visit but high class, high quality dining establishments are realising that diners return again and again and again… and so the relationship that is created is cultivated over many years.

And then there is knowledge too. How many times have you been in a restaurant and asked, “what is the soup of the day?” only to be met with a blank stare, followed by shuffling of feet as the waiter or waitress make their way to the kitchen to ask the chef? Waiting on staff should know the answer to this type of simple question – and more!

Cleanliness and an obvious ability to welcome and deal with diners quickly, effectively and with knowledge and courtesy are 4 factors that a quality dining experience in Scotland can offer. An attractive setting, surrounded by sumptuousness and luxury are also welcome factors that contribute to an exquisite dining experience…

Discover the delights of dining at Knock Castle, where all this can be found AND a fabulous menu too, along with a choice of dining setting, from a formal restaurant to informal dining.

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