Helicopters for Hire Scotland

Why hire a helicopter?

The decadence; the entrance; the luxury. Three benefits that you can instantly enjoy when hiring a helicopter. Think of it as another way of being chauffeured to a venue, arriving relaxed and in time – without the rushing, the stress and the possibility of hitting traffic!

Helicopters for hire in Scotland are a great way of servicing so many different needs and there are no limits as to what you can use them for…

Corporate event or meeting

Meetings, activities and corporate events happen with alarming regularity in some cases, as well as those ‘one off’ important occasions, such as when a company is looking to expand. Occasionally, you need a venue that is private and shielded but accessing it via the road network can be difficult and time consuming.

There are now many hotels and venues that offer the opportunity to land a helicopter at their site; Knock Castle is one of them. Imagine flying in for your meeting, flying back and still being home in the evening? It can be done and is one reason why corporate executives look for helicopters for hire in Scotland.

Joy ride and sightseeing!

Seeing your locality from the air gives you a completely different and unexpected view. Roof top views, as well as the stretching of green land for miles and miles has a romantic notion to it.

Many people looking for helicopters for hire in Scotland so that they can add an extra poignant memory to a special day. Seeing the town or village where they grew up, the city where they work or the mountain-scape that they have grown up loving and walking.

Taking a spin in a helicopter is a unique joy ride!


There are many special moments in our lives, planned and unplanned. Those moments we can plan, we sometimes want to add something extra, something more that we will remember for the rest of our days… and a wedding is one of those days.

Weddings are spectacular occasions and again, at Knock Castle, we know how to make them ‘extra’ special, beyond anything you have thought of. Helicopters for hire in Scotland come no better than hiring one on your wedding day for a romantic gesture or to make an amazing entrance.

Making an entrance with flair

And sometimes, that is exactly what people want to do – make an entrance with a flair and so helicopters for hire in Scotland can do just that.

There is an opulence to a helicopter that no other form of transport can really boast. Guests await your arrival and then, in the distance, the low buzz of the rotors can be heard and the murmur of surprise and delight amongst the waiting guests increases.

It lands and you step forth…

Something you have always wanted to do

For many it is also something they have always wanted to do. We understand why too.

Discover a whole new vista on the world below when looking for helicopters to hire in Scotland.

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