September Weekend Holidays in Scotland

2010 research tells us something we already know – weekends away really are good for you!

September – the month that leads into the golden glow of autumn; the children are back in to the swing of things at school but the evenings are still long enough and warm enough to enjoy. And, before the grey, cold veil of winter descends upon once more, why not lengthen your summer by opting for on the many September weekend holidays that Scotland has to offer?

Unwind and de-stress

Back in 2010, the journal of Psychosomatic Medicine published its data, statistics and findings on a piece of researched that looked in to the power of weekends away. And this is what they found (but we always knew that September weekend holidays in Scotland did this…):

A weekend away…

  • Lower stress hormones (we all need this!)
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • And even though we serve the most amazing food, the study also found that surprisingly, participants overall waist circumference and body mass index (B.M.I.) also reduced!

It’s all about the relaxing… and fun!

Laughter, as they say, is the best medicine and September weekend holidays in Scotland, here at Knock Castle can help so much. Over 1,400 people took part in this study back in 2010, and it was found that a weekend away in itself was enough to have amazing de-stressing effects on the body, but also taking part in activities was a great way get the blood pressured lowered: anything from going to clubs, being part of a different place and culture as well as some adrenalin fuelled activities.

But, for those of us who have left our adrenalin fuelled activities days behind, ‘loafing around’ – in other words, relaxing! – was also a great way of just switching off.

An obvious study? A waste of time?

Possibly, but the research conducted by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine make a good point – people under stress and pressure from life and work tend to do the opposite to what they need to do, in order to restore balance. We stop doing the things that relax and de-stress us.

So, we are busy at work; we think we are too busy to ‘indulge’ in September weekend holidays in Scotland; we think we’ll be too tired to drive all that way… it will be too much of a faff to pack the case, make the booking…

But actually, when we do, the results are amazing; we return home on a Sunday evening (why not stretch it to a long weekend, and stay with us from Friday to Monday?) invigorated and far less uptight that when we left.

So, look after yourself and take one of the many September weekend holidays on offer in beautiful, relaxing Scotland.

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