Wedding Hotel in Scotland

So many things to consider, so many decision to be made but perhaps the most important one is the actual wedding hotel in Scotland that you must have for your big day. Regardless of the style or theme of your wedding, booking the hotel of your dreams should be one of the first decision you make…

One size does not, unfortunately fit all…

If you are having an enormous wedding, then you may find that some of the hotels on your short list will instantly drop off it, simply because they are unable to cater for such a large wedding party in terms of the actual physical space and room they have. However, more modest weddings can be at a distinct advantage as a wedding hotel in Scotland of the highest calibre – such as Knock Castle – will hand over exclusive use of their hotel for the day! How much of a superstar will you feel then?!

Top tip for 2014 weddings – go for the feeling of intimacy rather than a mass party

Location is everything

It really will add something to your day, not only the actual luxurious settings within your wedding hotel in Scotland, but the surroundings of the outdoors. How about manicured and landscapes gardens? Magical wooded areas and then the rolling splendour of hills and green, green fields? And yet, within easy distance for travelling from Perth, as well as being part of a thriving busy town but hidden away, for the intimacy that your crave for your special day.

These places exist and finding them is not an issue – after all, Knock Castle has it all!

Food, food, food!

Everyone coming together to enjoy your day and celebrate with you is something that is helped along when people are fed the most delicious of food, from delightful canapés to a three course meal. You need choice and quality; you want your day to run smoothly so you need the background to work smoothly – the food to be ready when you asked for it…

How to make the choice? Visit their restaurant and look at the reviews of the wedding hotel in Scotland – is it right for your day?


But then, there always needs to be an injection of reality and it is always money! Your dreams cannot run away with you, unless you have the bottomless pit of cash that we all dream of. You may need to pare things right down or dismiss a few things no longer considered essential BUT, with many a wedding hotel in Scotland offering some great deals, you will be amazed at what you can get for your money…

We don’t like to boast, but we think that Knock Castle has it all… don’t you agree?

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